Simple food solutions for a low carb diet


Enjoy a Low Carb Healthy Lifestyle

We believe in making the smart choice when selecting your foods for your Low carb Healthy Lifestyle. Be it Banting, Keto, Atkins, Diabetic, low GI or those just following a low carb way of eating, at Carbsmart we believe that we can offer you a solution to your low carb, healthy lifestyle. Carbsmart™ foods contain no refined sugars or added sugars, no refined starches ,no artificial sweeteners, no wheat or Corn, no refined oils, only cold pressed oils. We source only the best ingredients and our first choice is always the natural one. Our Carbsmart™ Range now brings Convenience to your table, making it easy to maintain your low carb eating plan.

Developed by our in-house food technologist

Our Carbsmart™ food ranges are developed by our in-house food technologist & all our products are tested by approved laboratories to verify all our nutritional claims. Carbsmart™ products are manufactured in facilities to the highest quality & hygiene standards, with certified quality management systems ensuring you of a safe, quality product. Our Strict quality systems assist us in the need for excessive use of preservatives in order to maintain the safety & shelf life of our products.

Our Ingredients

We source only the best ingredients from suppliers who share the same values & standards as Carbsmart™.Our first choice is always the natural one where possible. We only use natural sugar substitutes & natural colourants in our condiment range & absolutely no artificial sweeteners. Our oils are carefully selected , we only use the best cold pressed oils, high in Omega 9, low in Omega 6 oils which assists in anti-inflammatory responses in our bodies.

Only in cases where we believe it absolutely necessary to use any preservatives in order to ensure that we give you a safe product, will we responsibly make use of selected preservatives and only amounts just enough to ensure food safety. In the case where we have made a responsible decision to use a preservative, we furthermore undertake to declare the % used, on all our food labels, to ensure our customers of the safety & transparency in which we conduct our business.

Our product Ranges

Our famous Carbsmart™ low carb condiment range is not only Banting Friendly, we also have Diabetic approved condiments within the range. These products have been specifically developed for the Approval by the Diabetic association of South Africa & the GI foundation. It is not only low carb, but has also been developed with reduced salt.

Reduce your intake of sugar and starches. Avoid all artificial sweeteners or ingredients with hidden carbohydrates or sugars …. Always be Carbsmart™.